Moving Across The Country Alone? Cross-Country Car Towing May Be Necessary

The process of moving across country is always a challenging one. That difficulty is only increased if a person has to move by themselves. They'll not only have to pack all their items in a tow truck but somehow get a vehicle across the country at the same time. Moving alone complicates the procedure by making it difficult to move two cars at the same time.

However, there are a few options for getting a car across country. These include auto shipping and cross-country towing. Deciding between these two options requires gauging which is right for a person's needs and their moving situation:

Auto Shipping Isn't Always The Right Idea

Auto shipping is a service that many people moving across the country consider, but it isn't always right for everyone's needs. Typically, these services operate by placing a vehicle on a large truck with multiple others cars and trucks. As a result, there is a potential that the car could end up getting lost or sent to the wrong place and cost a person a lot of money.

The cost of auto shipping isn't too bad, typically topping out at about $1,000 or so. While this may be a less expensive option, it does create a less personalized shipping method. A car will be surrounded by dozens of others and it may be easy for it to get damaged or slightly dinged in the shipping process.

Cross-Country Towing Costs Will Vary

Towing a car across country is often the best idea if a person is moving on their own. For example, it is possible to purchase a dolly to attach to a moving truck for no more than $219. This purchase can streamline their experience and provide them with the transportation they need to save a little money on their move.

However, a tow from a professional can also be a major benefit. First of all, a person won't have to worry about a car getting manhandled on a large hauling truck designed for multiple cars. A personalized towing experience like this will ensure that a car is carefully handled and gets to where it has to go without any serious delivery mistakes.

So anyone who is planning on moving across country and needs help getting their car there should consider a towing company. The many benefits of this practice far outweigh any of the negatives, such as a slightly higher cost or an inability to track your car as it is moved.