3 Different Types Of Gooseneck Hitches

Gooseneck hitches are a type of hitch that can be attached to a pick-up truck. Gooseneck hitches use a ball and coupler to attach to your vehicle and to secure trailers to your truck. They do not use a kingpin and pine receiver like other types of hitches do. Gooseneck hitches are often added onto trucks that need to pull large trailers, such as horse trailers, on a regular basis. The three primary types of gooseneck hitches include fold-down hitches, under-bed installation hitches, and above-bed installation hitches.

#1 Fold-Down Installation

With fold down gooseneck hitches, the hitch ball is mounted on a plate within your pickup truck bed. This requires that a large hole is cut in the bed of your pickup truck. When you are not using your hitch, the ball can be folded down so that you are able to use the entire bed of your pickup truck with a hitch sticking out.

With fold down gooseneck hitches, rails are installed under your pickup bed for the hitch. You can get custom rails installed on your vehicle for the hitch. However, you generally need to purchase the custom rails separately from the hitch; they are not generally sold as a package deal.

#2 Above-Bed Installation

The easiest type of gooseneck hitch to attach to your truck is the above bed installed hitch. This type of hitch is easy to install because it attaches to the same rails on your truck that a fifth wheel hitch attaches to. You most likely already have the rails in place for an above-bed installed gooseneck hitch.

This type of hitch is great because it is easy to take on and off your truck. This is a great feature if you need to switch out the type of hitch that you use on your vehicle.

#3 Under-Bed Installation

Under-bed installation gooseneck hitches are one of the most popular styles sold today. Rails have to be attached to the back of your truck in order for the hitch to be installed on your truck. The hitch is then custom fit to your specific vehicle.

Under bed installed hitches, depending on the type that you purchase, can also be set up so that you can lower the hitch ball up or down depending on if you are using the hitch or not. The up and down mobility can be useful if you don't want the hitch to be in the way when you are not using it.