Why You Should Consider Adding Electric Brakes To Your RV

If your RV does not have RV electric brakes, you may be missing something. In fact, you may be missing a lot! Here are some very good reasons for purchasing and installing electric brakes on your RV before you take your RV on a road trip this summer.

Very Little Reaction Time

Standard brakes on an RV take time to react and engage when you need to stop. That may be precious seconds you do not have. Many RV accidents occur because there was not enough time to stop the RV. 

If you have electric brakes installed, the electric brakes decrease the reaction time. When the reaction time between your foot and the brake pedal and the brakes themselves is reduced, fewer accidents occur. When fewer accidents occur, you spend more time on the road and less time in the repair shop.

Additional Braking Support

You can think of electric brakes as your "backup" brakes, but really, they act more like primary brakes. The magnets, once electrically charged and activated inside your electric brake drums, stop the RV when the standard brakes are just catching up. 

Can you stop your RV on a dime with electric brakes? No, but you can stop your RV behind a rock slide if you spot the start of a rock slide and you do not want to be buried in it. You will have better luck preventing your RV from going over a cliff or ramming into another vehicle around a bend in the road too when you have electric brakes.

Extending the Life of Your Brakes

RVs are immense, heavy machines. Rolling down a hill, they are akin to rolling massive boulders. When you have to slam on the brakes to stop, standard brakes take time to engage, and then the standard brakes take a serious beating every time you have to do that.

With the electric brakes installed, you can actually extend the life of the brakes because of the way that the electric brakes engage and assist in a faster braking process. If you have not had the inconvenience of replacing the brakes on your RV yet, you are lucky. You may just want to extend your luck while extending the life of your brakes by installing the electric brakes.

In addition to installing the electric brakes on your RV, your RV repair technician can take a look at your regular brakes and tell you in what condition those brakes are before you install the electric ones.

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