The Benefits Of Using Genuine Parts In Your Car Or Truck

Buying auto parts for your car or truck can be confusing. There are many different categories of parts and it can be difficult to know if you need a new part, a genuine replacement part, or if a used part will do. There are some good reasons to use genuine replacement parts from the dealer or manufacturer if you can get the parts you need. 

Proper Fit and Finish

When you are buying parts for your car or truck, it is important that the parts fit properly. A part that does not fit the right way can cause damage to the vehicle and the part may be difficult to install. When you buy genuine parts from the dealer, you get the same part that was on the vehicle when it left the manufacturing plant. 

The part will fit where it is supposed to go and all mounting points should line up properly. The part will look right as well, and for a car that is being kept stocked for show purposes or to keep the value of it up, the way it looks can be a critical factor.

Proper Function

Genuine replacement parts come from the manufacturer so they will work the same way as the original part did on your car. If you are replacing an alternator, you'll want a replacement that puts out the right amount of power for the car. Getting a direct replacement from your dealer can help to ensure that the alternator is the right amperage for the vehicle, and if there are several different options, the dealer can help you determine which one is right for your particular vehicle. 

Preserving the Warranty 

For a new car or truck that is still under warranty, the manufacturer may require you to use a particular part on the vehicle to keep the warranty valid. If you replace a part with a cheaper part from a third-party supplier, the wrranty may become void. In many cases, a vehicle under warranty will go to the dealer for repair, but for small, simple jobs, some owners may want to do the work themselves.

If you choose to do some work on your car, check to make sure that the work itself is not going to affect the warranty on the vehicle and see if there is a stipulation about using only genuine parts in the car. If there is, you may be better to take the car or truck to the dealer and have them do the work under that warranty and cover the cost of the parts and labor for you.  

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